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Site Name: Jackpot City
Founded: 1997
Network: Microgaming
Bonus: 30Free spins and 100% up to £ /$/€1600   T&C Apply
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JackpotCity Online Casino Review


As many people who play in online casinos already know, JackpotCity offers a superior gaming experience from the moment that you visit their website. What people that are new to casino gaming will want to know is what exactly it is about JackpotCity Online Casino that makes it such a great and popular place to enjoy your choices of casino games.

With the number of online casinos that are available through the magic of the internet, every players needs to make sure they’re not just playing at any old online casino, but rather that they’re getting the chance to really experience a positive gaming experience. JackpotCity has been around for a number of year and they have spent that significant level of time making sure that they’re one of the best online gambling and entertainment specialists out there.

It’s actually a number of different factors which all help to contribute to a great gaming experience for players. These span from the casino’s website, through to the actual online casino software, the games and the support that you receive from JackpotCity’s staff when you’re playing. There are also additional factors such as the amount of welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses that the casino offers.

JackpotCity Online Casino – Website

 The website of any gambling website helps to give you a first impression of what that site can offer you, not just in terms of the offers that are displayed on the site, but also by looking at how easy the site is to use. If the online casino website is helpful, informative and easy to use, then this is more often than not reflected in the user experience of the casino software itself.

JackpotCity’s website is extensive and doesn’t only offer information about the online casino in English, but also in a multitude of other languages to ensure that all interested players from around the world are easily able to access the information on the site. The site also clearly explains the rules and regulations that govern the casino, which gives potential casino players a very good understanding of what they can expect when they choose to download the gambling software. This can also provide peace of mind for players as they can see how strict the laws are that the JackpotCity abides by.

JackpotCity – Software

 JackpotCity offers their online casino software as a free download to interested players so that they can instantly start playing any of their online casino games of choice. JackpotCity’s gambling software has been developed by one of the biggest names in online casino software creation, Microgaming. This means that players can be assured that the software that they choose to download from the JackpotCity site, which is the primary place to download the casino software from, has been used and enjoyed by many other online casino players over several years.

This software acts as the platform and all  of JackpotCity’s games are created by Microgaming. The registration process has also been created in collaboration between JackpotCity and Microgaming, to significantly decrease the number of steps and forms that need to be completed before players are allowed to begin gaming. The casino software does reflect the ease of use of the website as well as the physical appearance of the site, as the lobby of the casino software reflects the purple, black and white theme of the website itself.

Jackpot City – Casino Games

 When considering which of the online casinos that are available to you, and  will suit you best, one of the most important elements to consider is what online casino games it offers. Every player has different preferences when it comes to what casino games they’re interested in playing, so while one player may look for a casino that offers a range of different roulette games to play, another player will be looking for the newest online slots releases. To make sure they’re able to serve the greatest number of potential players, casinos need to have a wide range of games. It also allows gamers that have preferences to experience the other casino games that are available without needing to leave the comfort of their seats.

This is an area in which JackpotCity Online Casino particularly excels as they offer players at their online casino a range of over 400 different casino games to enjoy any time they want to play. They also release a number of different games every month so that players can always find something new to try and enjoy. For players that are serious slots fans, there are over 300 different types of slots games from classic slots games in the original style of slots from the last century, to the very latest video slots, like Thunderstruck 2 and Tom Raider: Secret of the Sword. There are complicated online slots games for players who enjoy the challenge, and simpler slots for those players who are new to slots.


JackpotCity has built its sterling reputation around the world by delivering consistent quality to its players over a number of years. This has lead to immense popularity and the number of online casino games players who flock to it every day is a testament that while it has been around for a number of years, there has been no lessening in the quality of the online casino experience with JackpotCity!


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