Slot Games

There are thousands of Slot Games out there, most of whom can be played from the comfort of your own home – Online. However, there are plenty that really stand out of the crowd with graphics, sounds and more importantly, features.

Before we jump into any specific games, lets take a look at Types of Slot Games that are offered. While there are only two main types, I like to divide all games into three ones. You’ll soon find out why.

  • Video Slot Games is a type of this game that offers amazing gaming experience. These games almost always feature 5 reels and more than 20 PayLines to increase PayOuts till a staggering rate. Video Slot Games will often use widely popular movies, comics or stories to base their story on. A great example for this are the Marvel Slots, which are based on the worldwide popular Marvel Comic themes.

  • Classic Slot Games are known for being created in kind of an old school way, by mostly featuring 3 Reels and only a handful PayLines. For precisely this reason, Classical Slot Games are also known as Fruit Machines. This isn’t to say that they provide less entertainment that Video ones, in the end its all a question of taste.

  • Progressive Jackpot Slot Games is a middle road for both, Classic and Video games. Either of these can offer Jackpot up for grabs. This is my favorite Slot Type, as there’s a chance to become a multimillionaire in a single spin. Largest Slot Jackpots are often exceeding $10 Million, so if you do get really, really lucky rewards will be appropriate. On top of money, these also provide the most entertainment and excitement in form of bonus games. You’ll find bonus games offering a chance to win one or multiple jackpots in a fashion that will surely make you jump of your chair. A great example to this is the Mega Fortune Slot, offering a huge 3 level bonus wheel and 3 progressive jackpots.

Getting Started

Are you new to Online Gambling or Slot Games? That’s nothing to be ashamed about as we have all been there. Firstly, I would like to congratulate on taking the very first step on the road of having a large amount of fun. I’m a passionate Slots player myself, so I know the pros and cons of doing so.

I won’t pressure you or try to talk into joining an Online Casino, as you can play a wide range of games directly on our website for FREE. However, if you do find that demon inside of you telling ”Dude, fun play is for pussies, get going for Real Money” there are a couple of things that have to be done before you’ll be able to Play.

  • Firstly, think about Deposit Methods you have available. Do you want to transact money from your Credit Card? I personally use only one method – Skrill. It’s an E-Wallet solution with amazing service and low fees. Opening an account won’t take more than a couple of minutes, same goes for adding funds to it from your Card. Open an account by clicking here. Alternatively, you can check our Payment Methods guide, for the most convenient methods.

  • Secondly, find a Slot Game you like. We have a wide library of games reviewed together with Casinos where that particular one can be played at. Try the game out for Free and if you feel the thrill, go for Real Money Play!

  • Lastly, open an account at a Casino you would like to Play Slot Games at and make a Deposit. Make sure to set up some limits, as Gambling is fun as long as you control yourself.

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